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DETOX MASK All in 1 cleanser, scrub & mask

Based on Ayurvedic Yogic beauty rituals, legacy of Detox mask has been followed from the times of queens and princesses traditionally known as 'UBTAN".

Detox Mask is made from Besan(gram flour), Haridra (Organic turmeric), Multani mitti (Fullers earth, a type of clay) & Chandan (sandalwood). These natural ingredients make ubtan very nutrient rich, effective in combating free radical damage to our skin. Chandan is very effective in cooling the skin in summers! 

The Gramflour & multani mitti( Fullers earth) work by binding any impurities in the skin, which gets you a super deep cleanse. The Fullers earth is a type of clay loaded with several minerals, magnesium, calcium, iron, silica etc. It's got super cleansing, oil absorbing & antiseptic properties! 


Detox Mask is anti tanning, anti Ageing & antibacterial!  

Few benefits of our Detox mask are- 

  • Exfoliates skin making it clearer & radiant 
  • Lightens the complexion 
  • Draws out those nasty black heads/ pimples/ zits & impurities  
  • Removal of Facial Hair 
  • Softens skin  
  • Calms irritated skin 
  • Oil control
  • Healthy glowing skin                                                                                                                                                                                          

Detox Mask  is so Versatile and that's what all our lovelies love about it!


Simply mix 1 teaspoon Yoga Glow pack with 1 tablespoon water, milk or rose water to form a smooth paste. The paste should not be too runny or too thick. Apply it all over your face. If you are feeling supa indulgent, apply on your body and let it dry completely, usully 10-15 mins is enough.Then gently massage your face with wet hands in circular motion if you like to use as scrub and wash off with warm water. Finish off with your favourite moisturiser or coconut Oil

Detox Mask can also be mix with yogurt, or coconut oil for a hydrating mask!

Yoga Glow as a Gentle cleanser- Take little Yoga Glow in your hands rub on wet face, some more water and gently rub the face, cleaning any make up or the days stress!

For Acne Care- Mix Yoga Glow with lemon juice

For Pigementation and tanning- Mix Yoga Glow with a little yogurt

For exfoliation- Mix Yoga Glow with almond meal & wheat germ or oatmeal

For additional boost of Anti-oxidants- Mix with 1/4 teaspoon Matcha.

Body Polish & mask- Mix up Yoga Glow & oat meal with water. Apply on whole body keep on for 15-30 mins. Get in the shower! With wet hands massage small sections of the body and take a shower. Finish off with your favourite moisturiser or coconut Oil


Always test new products on a patch of skin to see if it suits you. If you have an allergic reaction seek medical advice immediately.
Please let us know if you have a allergic reaction to any of our products so we can investigate the issue. 

Can I use detox mask & soak if I have eczema or sensitive skin?
Yes, the ingredients in our mask & detox soak have soothing properties of clay for people with eczema, rosacea, acne and other skin conditions. It helsp alleviate your skin issues. 
Remember to do a patch test on skin before using on you whole body!

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Model : Catherine Gilford  Photography : Charli Marden