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Cultivating Gratitude

Posted on 5 October, 2016 at 20:00



It is so easy to get sucked up in the craziness of life, our own emotions, and the pressure that our lives puts on us.

We can find ourselves swept away by anxious thinking, overcritical of ourselves, impatient and frustrated when things don't go our way. Unfortunately, that doesn't benefit us.

See if you can allow yourself to step out of that cycle. Allow yourself to take a break from whatever you are dealing with.

Slow down, appreciate the simplicity of this moment, and let go of past and future.

Go outside, breathe some fresh air, and be grateful for this day.

Gratitude can change the way you view your life, your relationships, your everyday experiences. Gratitude can improve your mood, lower stress, and create more love in your life.

Find some gratitude in your heart, every day. A little bit of gratitude can go long way.

It brings our focus from complaining about what we don't have to feeling appreciative for what we have. It warms up our hearts and brings a smile to our faces.

Gratitude reminds us to love our life, even if it's not perfect. Gratitude brings us back to the present moment and helps us find contentment with where we are right now in our lives.

It is important to remember that our lives don't have to be perfect to BE GRATEFUL.

If we always wait for something to go just as we wish, we might never have chance to enjoy what we have now. That is true about our bodies, our relationships, our career, our life goals.

Work on your dreams, have goals, and keep on moving forward. But don't forget to just pause, and count your blessings. The ones that are in your life right now.

Take a piece of paper or open your journal, and start writing down everything you feel grateful for right now. Whether it's external or internal, big or small, put it all on the paper.

As the list goes on and on, notice how your mood improves. It works like magic.

Do this exercise as often as you wish, even every day. Allowing ourselves to feel grateful is a crucial part of our mental wellbeing and letting gratitude into your life daily will create a huge shift in how you perceive yourself and your life. Give it a try!




Barbora Plzakova


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